What we are doing

Our Mission for Medical Technology

Development and production of sensor-based products in the field of diagnosis & analytics, life-science & medical technology as well as service, these are the core competencies of innoME

Auf diesem Bild sieht man das Labor der innoME GmbH. Hierbei handelt es sich um einen Reinraum der Klasse 8.

We develop and produce - on the customer’s behalf as well as on our own initiative -evaluation systems including disposable products.

Our core competency is the sensor and measurement technology in the sector of diagnostics & analytics, life-science & medical technology.

In order to detect different parameters, sensors are functionally integrated in products and the appropriate measurement technology is developed.

The manufacture of innovative sensors, for example printed sensors, as well as the integration of sensors in products, such as microtitre plates, is done internally and is a key competence for the realisation of successful products. For this purpose a clean room (class 8) with different high-precision production systems is available.

The further production steps are performed via partnerships with high-quality suppliers.


We provide our customers with a dynamic, high-quality development of innovative products in the area of diagnostics & analytics, life-science & medical technology.

The merger of development and production of innovative sensor-based products offers the following advantages: 

  • a significant shortening of development times

  • risk minimisation due to collective product/process development  

⇒ We develop that what we are able to produce in series and on a high-quality basis. This and our ambition to realise innovations in a market and customer-oriented approach make us to a highly effective partner.