The two sites of innoME: Munich and Espelkamp

The interdisciplinary collaboration of scientists and engineers, combined with the understanding of business development, forms the basis for a successful market entry.

innoME Espelkamp

At our site in Espelkamp production technologies are developed and industrialisation is realised. In our production laboratory "FabLab" innovative manufacturing processes can be implemented and by up-scaling they can be integrated in the existing production environment. The manufacture of prototypes or small series can be displayed in the FabLab" too. Particularly when it comes to the production of mechatronic sensor systems innoME has an outstanding expertise.



innoME Munich

At our site in Munich product-related research as well as product development is carried out. Particular attention is paid to the development, conception and design of mechatronic sensor systems for medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. Furthermore, from our site in Munich many projects are coordinated, supported by the central location in the midst of the “DACH” – region.